A naked beginning – Seeds 9/16/2010

Telling Tales of Symbiosis. Our family lives in a one bedroom apartment in the Bronx, NYC. We grow organic food in our apartment, including fish, fruit and plenty of vegetables, aquaponically!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A naked beginning – Seeds

We are not starving yet, but already decided to grow my own food. I am watching my cherry tomatoes turning yellow, orange and bright red on a terrace. What a joy!
The cucumbers didn’t yield as much fruit as we expected, but their pretty yellow flowers and beautifully prolific vines with shapely leaves decorated the terrace all summer long very well.

You know, I look at seeds all different now. They don’t annoy me any more. Now when I bite a pepper  or a cucumber, inside I see the glorious seeds that can design the fruit I just consumed, and 10-folds of it. What power and memory! I admire and worship those little seeds.
This is what happens when one becomes a farmer. An urban farmer.

Yesterday I planted arugula and the wildfire lettuce mix to be grown hydroponically in the apartment. The fish will come from Chinatown, to begin with, most probably, carps.


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