First Mortality, 9/19/2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Mortality

To start the system, we need to have fish in the water, their byproducts (ammonia) will be converted by naturally organic biomechanisms (good varieties of bacteria) into nitrites and then  nitrates which feed the plants. After getting 50 feeder gold fishes from the pet store to begin the cycle, we transferred them into our 55 gallon food grade recycling trash can.   Then this, our first mortality, three died in the first hour. This was less than we expected.

We wrapped the recycling barrel with a green tarp to protect from leakage and it looks very cute: chubby and greeeeen, to match the plants.

Meanwhile, lettuce and arugula are sprouting in the plugs, getting ready to be transferred to the fish fouled water full of nitrates and other nutrients.

We are making a decisions on how close the holes on the float material need to be drilled for maximizing the productivity of the grow bins. And not to forget, the bins have to be painted and drilled as well. Paint will prevent from algae growth and drilling is for piping, so that water will flow through the system.

So many things to do and timing is everything! We deal with living organisms, which are very fragile and even one day off can cost us all the fish or the plant crop.

By now, I feel like we are conducting a symphony …
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