Announcing Bronx Best LIVE FISH DROP SHIPPED, delivered or picked up.

Yes, it’s true, we now ship from the source of Bronx Best Tilapia direct to you!

Bronx Best Tilapia are brought to you by:

Anya & Christopher, farmers at Vertically Integrated Farms

Drop Shipping Rate Schedule

Products: White Nile Tilapia Small Fingerlings & Blue Tilapia Small Fingerlings direct from the original source of Bronx Best Tilapia.

Item Drop Shipped $

15 Tilapia $ 70.00   ($4.67 ea )

25 Tilapia $ 80.00   ($3.20 ea)

50 Tilapia $ 130.00   ($2.60 ea)

75 Tilapia $ 180.00   ($2.40 ea)

100 Tilapia $ 200.00  ($2.00 ea)

200 Tilapia $ 400.00   ($2.00 ea)

500 Tilapia $ 900.00   ($1.80 ea)

1000 Tilapia $ 1400.00   ($1.40 ea)

Shipping Details

Shipping is an additional charge.

We usually ship via UPS, next day air. Box fee, applies to orders under $100 in fish.

Shipping is usually at least $80.00.

We ship once a week typically. Thursday is our usual day, but we occasionally adjust this based on weather or other issues.

During peak season we may ship on multiple days during the week..

We will request confirmation from you that you will be available to receive the fish before we ship.

We will not ship fish without confirmation, just to make sure they arrive safely.

We ship to the continental 48 US States only.


Live Fish Picked-up or Delivered

Bronx Best Breeder Quality Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis Aureus) fingerlings, and juveniles of various sizes (1″ to 6+”) and growing very fast! $5ea & up.
Bronx Best Blue Tilapia are robust, and the most cold hardy of the various Tilapia species.
None of our fish have been treated with hormones. They are mixed sexes, and suitable for breeding.
Larger Sexed Juveniles and all sizes in-between are now available!

!!!ARRIVED and NOW AVAILABLE in limited quanitities! Fighting Fit 1+” fingerlings!!! Our fastest growing fish!
Bronx Best Breeder Quality Hormone Free White Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus), mixed sexes, $8ea.
These fish are most valued for their flavor and extremely rapid growth rate. They can grow to 9lbs.! That’s a big Tilapia.

Bronx Best Mozambique Tilapia – Wild Color Type (Oreochromis mossambicus) very limited numbers of this easy to breed variety will be available, so pre-order now! $8ea

Email for pricing and other info regarding juveniles, pre-sexed fish, breeder colonies and future orders. We can accomodate most orders immediately!

Bronx Best Breeder Quality Blue Tilapia Fingerlings, only $5.00 each, no minimum order.

Tilapia are great for Aquaponics, Aquaculture, and ornamental Aquariums!
They are easy to raise and grow very fast on a specialized diet. (We now have Tilapia Food Growout Pellets for sale too! $5/lb)

No minimum quantities for pick up or delivery!

FREE DELIVERY IN THE BRONX!!! $10 anywhere in Manhattan.
You pay Fuel and Tolls ONLY for delivery elsewhere in the Tristate Area!
(Email us your address if you would like a delivery quote.)

FREE PICK-UP in Hunts Point, Bronx!

We guarantee the quality of our fish.

Thank you for your business

10% of all purchases benefit S.A.V.E. @ THE POINT

To order email us:

We accept PayPal !!!   and


About Anya Pozdeeva, vifarms

Vertically Integrated Urbarn Aquaponics, Permaponics, Permaculture and Sustainable Living, New York Style!
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