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In August of 2010, Christopher Toole quit his job at Sovereign Bank, grew a beard and bought some fish. Today, he is teaching children at a South Bronx community center how to grow those fish in an urban setting. For the last two years, Toole devoted himself to perfecting a way to raise tilapia in the city. Trash bins. Recycled of course.

Annie Rose: How do you explain what you do to your fifth grade students?

Chris: It is called Aquaponics. Aquaponics is growing fish in a controlled environment. At the community center, we use hoses that recirculate the water in the trash bins so it is constantly keeping the water clean.

Annie Rose: How big is the biggest tilapia you have?

Chris: Right now, about 1.5 lbs., a little over one foot long.

Annie Rose: How big do you let the fish grow until you eat them?

Chris: Do…

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