VIFarms planting a Food Forest in a public Park, Guerilla way

These few weeks we were focusing on planting blueberries, raspberries, grapes and blackberries this year. Our goal is to turn parts of Van Cortlandt Park and Riverside park, In the Bronx into the lost paradise of a Food Forest. We probably will not see much fruit ourselves in a while- for now it will go to the birds and the little animals, but with abundance, there will be enough food for all, without the pathetic necessity to guard your crops and shoot the intruders. Ah, the dreams of harmonious, sustainable living…one day will they come true. For now, it is a guerilla movement, and I even dressed like one gorilla to attract more attention.

If you can do the same, plant at least one berry bush or a fruit tree in a park somewhere, we all can slowely enjoy the fruits of our inspiration. There is not much labor involve-only the bying the plant ($6.95 for a berry bush at Home Depot)
And planting it. I didn’t do any care for the blueberries I planted 2 years ago in a park, and they are doing amazingly well, just like they supposed to in forest.

Blueberries and grapes, grow well on poor and acidic soils, and the Riverside park is perfect place for them. Berry bushes need son, so plant in sunny spot.
Raspberries and blackberries love sun and rich, full of nitrogen soil, good drainage. Choose a spot with well- developed top-soil, plentiful in park, where composting happens naturally.

Dig a small hole in a ground, poor some water in it, put a root ball inside and cover with top soil. Put stones around for heat accumulation.

Now you have a great reason to go to the park- visit your babies! It adds to the pleasure. Have Fun!


About Anya Pozdeeva, vifarms

Vertically Integrated Urbarn Aquaponics, Permaponics, Permaculture and Sustainable Living, New York Style!
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2 Responses to VIFarms planting a Food Forest in a public Park, Guerilla way

  1. Matthis says:

    You are totally awesome! I will take your lead!

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