Congratulations to Steve on his new school!


From down the hallway at the Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation in Harlem, Stephen Ritz, in slouchy khakis and a half-tucked shirt, looks more like a student than a teacher. As he comes closer, his shaved head shines under the glare of fluorescent lights and he becomes much taller than the average high school student, standing in all his glory at 6 feet 3 inches tall.

When he reaches us, he doesn’t even break his stride. He walks right past us and waves for us to follow, saying simply, “lets go.” It was like being a student on The Magic School Bus.

This is Ritz’s second day at Innovation High so it took him a while to find the roof. “Where are the stairs to the roof,” Ritz asks one sour faced guard. The guard had no clue. He asks the other guard standing by the metal-detector student scanners…

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Vertically Integrated Urbarn Aquaponics, Permaponics, Permaculture and Sustainable Living, New York Style!
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  1. Arthur says:

    Very cool blog. I enjoyed reading all of it and admire your work and the others involved. I’m trying to change career paths into something more meaningful and am interested to learn more about the opportunities in urban farming in nyc, in particular aquaponics. Any suggestions or advice would help. Keep up the great work.
    Best regards,

    • vifarms says:

      Arthur, great to know you are joining us in this movement! Do something right in your neighborhood, learn, teach, and whatever you supposed to bring to light will come naturally.

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