In the beginning was a seed.

In the beginning was a seed.

Many seeds, in fact, were given away by with one condition: the recipient had to plant them all. We took a lot, because we knew how much land we have to cover: every square foot of NYC not covered by concrete plus public parks. That’s a lot of acres- Van Cortlandt alone is over 1000 acres forest with most fertile soil and a lot of potential to be a wild food forest. Plus the immediate area around the coop we live in, especially the barren playground area. That area were begging for pretty flowers, melons and may be few squashes  claiming its vast chain link fences, which look nothing less but ugly otherwise. After all, I spend few hours a day on that playground since I do have two little human kids. Plus the community garden at 186 st, plus the afterschool program where we teach how to grow food in urban environment. We needed the seeds everywhere because we are the Urban Farmers.

Several weeks later we planted them all. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of help of exited 1-st and 2-graders, teenagers, my mom, and even my 2-year old, who turned out to be the urban farmer as well. It was amazing to see how many of us pre-existed- may be because putting a seed into soil contains such primordial pleasure and magic, that it comes naturally to all, regardless of their age or status.

After another few weeks the seeds showed up at tender cotyledons, this is where we first met our new green friends, all different and all beautiful. It is very delightful to see the new tender life forming before your very eyes and to know you took part in initiating it. It is especially exiting to know that these plants will berry fruits that will be more delicious than anything you can ever buy. Plants do give back.


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