Negotiation with weed whackers.

Negotiation with weed whackers.

The job of commercial loan moaners and weed whackers to keep a loan uniform and leveled. If a flower ever pokes its head an inch above the level to which all grass and wild plants known as weeds are cut, it will be beheaded. The dandelions on the loan around the co-op we live in have adjusted to these severe conditions and are blooming at exactly an inch of height; weeds learn fast! Our innocent seeds didn’t know the rule and did poke up as they are naturally inclined- many of them were climbing varieties. I knew this day will eventually come and asked the workers to have mercy on my random planted crops. These good people were very nice and understanding- they appreciate every form of food growing back from their agricultural homelands; especially that some of my varieties were beans. I showed all my positions of the edibles, located mostly in patches and under the chain link fence for purpose of utilizing these vertical resources as support. My little seedlings were saved that time and they had a chance to grow bigger. But there were a second time, which I missed and half of them, the biggest and nicest half, who germinated the fastest and strongest were wacked almost  to their roots. When I discovered that, I was very sad, I felt pain and I wanted to cry, because these plants were my babies. I put much care and hopes into them, aspirations for future and lots of love. Now they were dead. At first, I blamed the whackers, but a minute later I blamed myself. I didn’t protect them well. To avoid another blow on the babies I came with a powerful, yet graceful and definitely sustainable idea:


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