Attention city dog owners

If you are not growing your dog for food, stop growing it and encourage other dog owners against it. The magority of privately owned dogs have no useful function in the cities, are parasitic and non sustainable. There are tremendous resources and energy is spent to feed, curb and maintain dogs, providing them with food, medications, grooming, etc. which could be saved or re-allocated for true nessesities. Whould you like less animals to be killed, which are slautered to feed your dog? If we, consumers and our dogs and cats demend less, there less will be produces, touchered, drugged and killed.

Instead, for companiounship, consider having a chicken which you can feed yout table scraps, never but pet food again and which can give you an egg a day. Wholesome, organic and delicious egg instead of the mass-produced eggs of chickens from the concentration camps, treated with hormons and antibiotics.

Chicken pet will attract much more attention from chicks- a note for those pals who get a small dog for this purpose.

Another big advantage is that you don’t have to curb your chicken! You must be tired of picking up dog shit every day.

All existing leashes and other dog gizmous can be fitted for a chicken, esp re-used from small dogs.

Chickens come in many colors and sizes, just like dogs, they have thousands of breeds. In fact, dogs cannot compete with gorgeous plumage of some chickens, but if you like pure white and fluffy, they exist too- look at Silkies.


About Anya Pozdeeva, vifarms

Vertically Integrated Urbarn Aquaponics, Permaponics, Permaculture and Sustainable Living, New York Style!
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6 Responses to Attention city dog owners

  1. rootriver says:

    Will you be calling to an end to eating meat?

    • vifarms says:

      No, people eat meat during their entire history; growing or hunting your animals instead of bying mass produced meat is what we suggesting. People have eat LESS meat and appreciate it MORE.

  2. Lori Templin says:

    On a serious note, isn’t it illegal to eat dog and cat meat in the

    • vifarms says:

      I am not sure if it is prohibited to farm dogs for food. Really, we make this post just to provoke a more sustainable thinking. Having a chiken would provide for a great companion (instead of a dog or a cat) AND eggs.

  3. Elen says:

    Well, if that is the way you see it I’ve got news for you guys: only us, the Humans, lead parasitic life on this planet. All other creatures live in complete balance with our Planet, until we come into the picture and manipulate it to our “service”, destroying everything around. You say the dog or cat has no use in the city? how many people are lonely and misunderstood by the society or their own family, constantly stressed out, depressed, etc. Their pets give them that emotional support that fellow human being fails to provide for his neighbor or a family member; dog owners are motivated to go for walks and stay more active, cats are still helping to control rodent population in some neighborhoods. There is a lot of other benefits they provide us with, I don’t have much time to go into a deeper discussion today. You’re worry about less animals being killed, so how about every male chick that hatch for each female chicken, they can’t lay eggs for their human companions and are not allowed to be kept in the apartments, or even some houses, due to the noise. And the fish used for the farming doesn’t exactly look happy to me, all cramped up, no space, no plants, not much different from chicken factory farming, just sitting in the glass box, waiting to be consumed, by the way fish has feelings just like any other creature.
    Maybe the best thing we all can do for the Planet is to cease to exist???

    • i agree people are invasive. Especially those who are not native:)
      I wanted to raze the issue of sustainable food, it is a sensitive subject, i agree. Here i am having chickens for pets, and i love them. Dogs have their place too, they are therapeutic, you are right. It’s all about our specific needs. I think people will not cease to exist, but will come back to true understanding of living planet, the Mother Goddess and embrace her ways more than our own. Native Americans really had it all connected, i believe. We only need to remember.
      Thank you

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