Chicken of the Woods

Recently, and upon being “urban farmers” The quality of our food improved about 100%. Compared to the top quality gourmet supermarket foods we used to buy. Now we are eating things we grew ourselves and especially wild things.

chiken of the woods fruiting on a log, NYC

This morning we casually stumbled upon a 50lb+ flush of  Chicken of the Woods ( Laetiporus sulphureus) mushrooms in our Riverside Park. Mushrooms grew out of 3 old logs piled next to each other by some storm. Luckily, Riverside park is not maintains as well s Central park and fallen trees just left there for Nature to take over, just like it is supposed to happen in any wild forest.

We picked about 15lbs, the ones growing away from large patch of Poison Ivy. Now, what to do with so many mushrooms? We shared some with neighbors, and donated some to our friends at

chiken of the woods breackfast

chiken of the woods breackfast

We had some for breakfast with farmer John’s eggs, cheese, brown rice, Aquaponic basil  and homegrown nasturtiums.

We made a wonderful mushroom stew, Russian style.

Recipe: Finely chopped 1 lb mushrooms, 3 potatoes, 2 onions,½ cup dill, cream, pinch salt, black pepper, bay leaf. Place mushrooms in a pot, cover with water and boil for 30 min, add the rest of ingredients and cook for another 30 min.

The cooked mushroom tastes like lemon chicken- a very mild and pleasant flavor. They are a great meat substitute.


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