Porcelain Berry Traditional Medicinal Uses

Porcelain Berry

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata

Invasive, noxious.

Since the seeds from porcelain berry germinate easily too, it isn’t unusual for new plants to emerge just about anywhere. In fact, the seeds can remain viable for several years, popping up whenever Mother Nature deems necessary. Birds and other wildlife commonly feast on the berries as well. Upon digestion of the berries, the remaining seeds are dispersed through their droppings. From here the seeds germinate, producing additional Ampelopsis plants.

porcelain berry medicinal uses

porcelain berry medicinal uses

Porcelain berry has an interesting history with regards to its medicinal use, which is mainly in Asian countries where the plants originate. Although the berries are considered somewhat poisonous to humans when ingested, they have reported used for treating external conditions. Along with the fresh berries, Ampelopsis leaves and roots have antibacterial, fever reducing, and purifying properties. Compresses or poultices have been used in the treatment of bruises, boils, burns, and minor skin disorders. A decoction of the plant roots was also used to minimize tumors and alleviate bleeding hemorrhoids.

Source: wisegeek.com


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