Smoke Weeds

filling a cigarette shell with wild herbs and tobacco

filling a cigarette shell with wild herbs and tobacco

smoke invasive weeds- mugwort

smoke invasive weeds- mugwort

Pack of cigarettes for $0.40 – Holy Smoke! Fill empty shells (2cents/a shell) with Wild harvested Mugwort, an invasive weed, my beloved. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) contains no nicotine, but full of healthy wholesomeness and healing qualities. This is an aromatic herb that helps to heal respiratory system. I had an annoying persistent little cough for a week now, and smoking few Mugwort cigarettes helped the condition on the spot.

Thinking of all possible uses of prohibited Invasive weeds, smoking them comes to mind eventually. And it was not until my friend Eddie presented me with a small, but very elegant devise that makes it very easy to fill the empty cigarette shells with the mix of herbs. The devise is called “Shargio” and costs only about $4.00

So, no need to struggle to quit smoking? If too much tobacco slowly kills you, smoke herbs and stay well. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanides and ammonia are all present in cigarette smoke. Forty-three known carcinogens are in mainstream smoke, so smoking herbs can be a rescue. Diluting tobacco with herbs will help you to reduce the amount of nicotine gradually. Simply make a desirable mix of high quality loose tobacco and dried herbs- could be Mugwort, or Mint, Lavender, Yarrow, etc. and keep smoking! Making the percentage of tobacco lesser over time until you are smoking nothing but herbs, will help to detox in the same conventional format of a cigarette.  Invasive Cleavers is one of the best herbs to help body rid of toxins. Plantain is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents. Sometimes it pays to trick yourself out of a bad habit. In this case, it will pay hundreds of dollars annually in savings and thousands of dollars in staying healthy. Not bad for a bad economy.

To make your smoking remedies, harvest wild herbs, air-dry and store in paper bags. When ready to use’ crumble in small pieces and fill shells or roll in paper. Be careful not to harvest wild plants from location which are or were subject to contamination.

Mugwort, Cleavers (Galium aparine), Plantains (Plantago major, P. Lanceolata) are those weeds you see everywhere you walk outdoors. They manage to pop up from under the concrete and asphalt as friendly reminders that nature is still alive, or  just to say “hi!”. They know we need them, don’t weed them! I can only admire their strength and resilience and wish I had at least a small part of their survival abilities. Using those weeds for food and medicine helps to partake in their amazing qualities. Harvesting them ensures balance of local ecosystems, saving native plants from the devastation by these powerful invaders, brought to this land by us, settlers, people from Europe. In fact, Plantain was called “the white man’s footprint” by the Native Americans since it would grow on the trails made by the settlers. This is the medicine plant, used on cuts, burns, bites, during the times there was no other First Aid available. If I were a first-comer, I would bring perpetually growing antibiotic bandages with me on this trip as well… The plants were brought here by our grandfathers and grandmothers because the plants were useful, potent and familiar. With the rise of civilization, we forgot about them. Unfortunately, civilization brought us to strange places, and now it is time to remember.

I can’t wait for the Japanese Honeysuckle to blossom…and in fall, for the very relaxing New York Aster to bloom. Free smoke, anyone? What weeds are you smoking? I smoke Invasive weeds.


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  1. Gabrielle Stommel says:

    anya i absolutely love this post. you are an excellent writer! put it on my blog too ill post via facebook! also, we need to plan valentine package

  2. Josh says:

    Great, and I do mean great article. Thank you.

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