Love and Kisses with Fishes!

AdeviAphrodisiac Chocolate Gold Fish

AdeviAphrodisiac Chocolate Gold Fish

Happy Valentines Day to GABE THE FISH BABE’s FISH CLUB!
Happy Valentines Day from all of us to all of you with our love and fishes.

Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified single origin chocolate from Ecuador, this different kind of Fish is infused with potent Aphrodisiac Herbs like Yohinbe and Maka. ( You can read more about this Aphrodisiac herbs at )
These chocolates are flavored with a drop of organic Orange oil and a hint of Cayenne pepper, which combination results in rich, exiting flavor. Dash of cocoa nibs, the crunchy bits of crumbled raw cocoa bean, adds an interesting body to the smooth 56% chocolate and sends a wave of antioxidant power throughout your system. Finally, the chocolates are brushed with edible 24K Gold dust for extra luxurious look.

ADEVI Aphrodisiac chocolate Fishes

ADEVI Aphrodisiac chocolate Fishes

This Valentines treat is dedicated to You and the celebration of Love, and is a result of collaboration between ADEVI Aphrodisiac Chocolates of and, whose goal is to bring the best sustainable foods to all people.
And, this is our special way to say “thank you” for your continuous support!


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