Spring is here, Sun of God is ressurected, Foraging season begins!

I love Jesus, Sun of God. For all his glory, warmth, strength and vitamin D it creates in my body. With his all mighty presence, the plants are alive and growing and Mother Nature resurrects once again. The waters, free from the clutches of their own origin (ice), are flowing again, freely, obeying the laws of gravity. Nature and Religion are so intertwined…

I admire every religion, for they are all ingenious. Just think, – how they called out the “Good News” of Sun (of God) being risen. They had an audacity to tell us that the Sun is rising every morning, while it was previously died at night as some extraordinary “good news”. And we listened in awe, passing in donations.

Then they told us how obedience is the virtue and gave us set of their rules to obey. And we obeyed for hundreds of years, even though it cost us happiness and sometimes even lives. Definitely cost us lots of money, but we gave it like we owed it.

And at the dawn of our lives, when we are all concerned with death and feel uneasy and plain scared, since we worry about what will happen on the other end, they come with comfort and solution, in fact, guarantee, – the kingdom of God! Just sign here and here, and all your worldly possessions will belong to church after you die, since you will not need them in Heaven anyway. Don’t worry about your remaining family, for they will not be able to provide you with glorious Heaven, since they don’t have any authority. In fact, they should come and pay us more money so that we can pray for you while you are already long dead to ensure your presence in heaven and to help rest your soul.

 You must believe. Have faith.  Believe in the God of your choice, represented by that institution.

Praying is good, as long as you know you are praying to yourself, to Sun, other stars, Ocean, Earth, Universe as a whole and you as part of it. It make s you feel like one with the entire world, your home and Nature, your cradle. Ancient people knew it and worshipped all around them and all in them- until some geniuses decided to monopolize that sphere of human psyche and create a non-profit organization aimed for most profits and world domination.

After they bring us the most obvious statements and ridiculous lies, they say: Believe!

And we believe. And it goes on and on. The brands of the organizations change, but the recipe is the same- because it works. 

God bless you in your foraging voyage; make sure you cover yourself with natural fiber garments and hats to protect your tender skins this summer, or the Sun ( and other sources of radiation) might bless you with unwanted growths.

But don’t worry- as you know, many of the noxious weeds have potent anti-cancer effect; make sure you utilize the Medicine of Nature to protect your health, at no charge to you and completely free.


About Anya Pozdeeva, vifarms

Vertically Integrated Urbarn Aquaponics, Permaponics, Permaculture and Sustainable Living, New York Style! www.vifarms.com
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