Sustainable Urban Farming Series book cover FOOD under your FEET

Surviving in times of FOOD Crisis

•Today’s  mass- produced food is a chemical mix of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Sometimes Genetically Modified.
•Modern foods has high calories and low nutritional value with minimum diversity of nutrients. We are trained to consume it and now we are extensively malnourished and poisoned, which makes us subject to various long-term diseases.
•People eat  more yet they are hungry because the food we are offered is empty. Americans on average take in about 300 more calories daily compare to 30 years ago. People eat  20-50% more. “Obesity is an epidemic among Americans,” In New York, 40% of school children, including 21% of kindergarteners and 58% adults are obese. This accounts for 5.800 deaths each year, Health Department reports.
•Artificial vitamin and mineral supplements are of a little help because the body does not absorb chemicals well in their pure form. •We are dependent on supermarkets because we don’t know another source of food, or it is not available.   •There are indications that the global economic crisis might get worse. With skyrocketing inflation, when US Government prints $1 billion/day, shaky Social Security guarantees and overall population growth the subject of food will be a pressing one. As good food becomes more expensive and less accessible, foraging can help closing nutritional gaps for every sophisticated consumer regardless of his/her income levels.
Solution: Learn about amazing FOOD that grows right UNDER YOUR FEET! Delicious. Organic. Non-GMO. Guaranteed Fresh. Free. 

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